The Work

Orly Catz is a visual storyteller, specializing in photography of food, beverage, and product. 

From a young age, Orly was inspired to capture the world around her. As her craft developed, she found an affinity with liquids, textures, and light, gravitating towards the emotional aspect of the imagery and learning how she could bring these to life in the finished image. 

It is about passion. It is about art. It is about finding the true essence of an object and imbuing it with a life force.

A specialist in food photography as well as beverage, liquid, and product of all kinds, Orly brings a love of all things culinary to her canvas. The textures, flavors, and smells provide the inspiration and her goal is to capture it all in an image – and make sure the viewer can feel it too.

Clients love working with Orly and her team because the studio is the complete package, offering a range of services that include concept/ideas, styling, retouching, and more. Having worked with clients all over the world, she is known for her artistic eye and exceptionally creative ideas as much as her perfectionism and attention to detail. Her signature lighting techniques and special effects bring products to life in a vivid, dynamic way seldom seen in two dimensions. She is meticulous, detail-minded, approachable, open-minded, and communicative, and will always go the extra mile to ensure a client’s complete satisfaction.

An expert in digital and in-camera special effects, her talent for capturing splashes, frost, steam, smoke, flame, condensation, pours, and droplets are as unparalleled as her unrelenting quest for perfection in visual storytelling.

To learn more about Orly Catz, please browse the gallery, or reach out to set up a consultation.