My Faves

I am a passionate and innovative individual; a photographer, a loving mother, a devoted friend, a younger sister and a daughter. I love salsa dancing, long walks barefoot on the beach, warm sunny days, a big mug of steaming cappuccino in the morning, dark chocolate everything, and freshly baked, home made apple pie. 

I love artichokes, sushi, berry smoothies with spinach (yes, spinach) and I add lemon to almost everything. I love to cook! Music makes me emotional. I cry in movies, and I enjoy everything related to art. 

My Adventures

I have camped in Death Valley photographing star sweeps, captured the Tufas in Mono Lake at sunrise, the sinkholes of the Dead Sea, and the endless magical corners of the Venice canals. I served in the IDF’s air force, explored the beauty of Italy, the Greek Islands, Costa Rica, and even swam with dolphins in the Red Sea. I hiked in the Red Mud Rainforest of Kauai, and sailed around Vancouver Island to photograph bald eagles. I see beauty everywhere, even when there isn't much.

Early Start 

I received my first camera when I was 12 years old, and was immediately hooked. Sparks were flying everywhere, and haven't stopped since.  I am eternally grateful to my parents who supported and encouraged my passion and let me use the family bathroom as my darkroom. 

Your Success=My Success

Having a camera in my hand makes me thoroughly happy. I am in love with Food & Beverage photography, and have an endless fascination with  liquid. It is quite common to find me standing in a puddle of something, splashing and tossing it around! 

With all that love of capturing and creating, though, my real focus is, and always remains - my clients' success

Along with my team, we have been a full service photography studio for 18 years.

Please call for your free consultation so I can show you how we can make your business stand apart from your competitors.

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