About Us

Orly Catz is a Commercial Photographer, based in Los Angeles, specializing in Food, Beverage, and Product Photography in an illustrative style. 

"Starting at an early age, my creative visions came from my fascination with nature, lush forests and waterfalls, developing a strong appreciation of beauty. When I was 12 years old, I got my first camera, and those visions started forming on film. I believe that my early experiences and dreams made me the photographer that I am today." And indeed, she is inspired, passionate, creative, enthusiastic, focused, yet incredibly calm and easy going.

"Orly's body of work has a depth with a special creative edge, especially designed for the specific image. She is able to merge her aesthetic style with her clients vision. Add this with her unique enthusiasm and the end result is nothing short of magic: Timeless, emotional images that pull you in." - Frederick Holmes, Marketing Executive, Atlantic Foods Co.

Available for contract work, on location or in the studio.

Please Call for your free consultation and a personalized service +1 323-484-8409